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You have arrived at the place where anything can happen.

You become the protagonist of what you want to achieve, in a city where creative passion is an epic madness without limits.

You, by establishing an alliance with a Cyberlinx NFT, and deciding on a Staking connection with it, allowing it to generate $LINX molecules, you feed a robust gear of Web3 Platforms and Utilities, created by our Founders and Builders at Solana, as contributions to the ecosystem and self-sustaining sources of benefits for all.

You just have to have at least one!

Team City


Co-founder, Design, UI, UX

A renowned UI UX designer, with a unique and unparalleled style when it comes to approaching his creative vision, with several awards in interface design, he loves what he does and is one of those who when he designs always leaves his mark.


Co-founder, Full-stack DEV

To talk about Luis is to talk about one of the best Front end Dev, recognized for creating the framework for Vue.js: Vuesax, which is currently used to facilitate the work of devs today, he is a relentless creator, super creative expert in Web3 and above all passionate about leaving his mark on every line of code.



An artist in all senses lover of video games and anime, she always understands the vision that the Rovira brothers are looking for, in every stroke she gives on her tablet she is leaving her soul, an illustrator with great taste for color and detail, even if it seems impossible she will always say I can.


Software Engineer

He is a super experienced Dev Back end with 22 years as a programmer, but always updating, web3 expert, chess lover, is extremely methodical and with a mind that is always looking to see the practicality of things.


Creative Writer

When we talk about Polarys is 100% passion and dedication, she is the leader of the discord team, she is also the one who created the incredible story of cyberlinx, she is a person who feels that the projects are her life, she loves what she does so much that she lets herself go and the time goes by very fast.


Community Manager

Her approach and experience make the social networks feel in good hands, she is one of those that when you have to give 100% for her it is easy because she always delivers 200%.


Motion designer

An artist recognized for his great talent in countless projects, he is always in constant evolution and never ceases to amaze, no doubt if there is something to animate he is present.


Digital Artist

She is an extremely intuitive graphic designer, a lover of detail, she brings freshness to the team with her unique vision of things.