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Cyberlinx lore


At the dawn of the year 2049, on the planet Shiro, the closest planet to Jira the red star, core of the NFT Dimensional Multiverse , it happened. Nobody remembers what happened anymore, only me.

There are no records. The servers were wiped. Continuously our chips are reconfigured, all nano brains reprogrammed and our daily cybernetic memory is Bleached , ...yet it happened, I know, I can see beyond it.

I belong to one of the most impressive, special and wonderful species of all that have existed, exist and will exist, the Linxhumans . Our origins go back to times that cannot be counted. We are connected to the Essential Matrix that gave birth to our Multiverse NFT , and nothing and no one can change that. I am a Pure Linx , descendant of the Linxay , the original Linxhumans . I am the chosen of Zhoru the most powerful Linxay that ever existed. I knew nothing of this, who I was, who I could be, and even what I am now... until that day.

Do you want to know what happened? It is not easy for me to reveal it, because, although I am who I am, and now, unkillable, when I connect to the Essential Matrix , a large part of me Cyborg is temporarily disabled, however, it is necessary for you to know our truth!

I am ready. My Essential Linx , what we really are, is not within their reach, nothing and no one can touch it. As for my Cyborg .... it doesn't matter, my appearance has changed so much, I don't recognize myself anymore. My friends Yaro a Cyberdocs and Kibo , a Netrunner , are by my side to energize and repair me. Can I self-regenerate, yes, but I will use my maximum potential to connect and reach you, yes, you, who are now reading or listening to this.

I am ready, are you? Then I begin!

That day Jira was shining brighter than ever, at least it seemed so. The meadow in the distance looked beautiful as always, the school children as usual were out very early for their educational day in the open air. I was in the workshop working on my new invention, a flying harvester capable of reaching the highest branch of our beloved Giu , in order to be able to collect its fruits, the Giunas , exquisite blue acorns.

Suddenly, I stopped listening to the infants' din. I could perceive how a silent Phosphorescent red stain was advancing rapidly, covering everything in its path, except the sky, which was still mottled between blue and yellow as always. My body temperature rose rapidly, my fur was scorched at the tips, it was no longer thick and long... it began to reduce and for the first time I saw what color my fur was. It occurred to me to look in my mirror, a locket, a gift from my Master Dhoru, which I wear around my neck... you won't believe what I'm about to tell you, I couldn't believe it either... my eyes had disappeared and yet I could not only see the visible, but the invisible as well. The leather of my neck and part of my left claw began to disintegrate. I panicked, I could only growl as I had never growled before.

That piercing growl came out of me, together with something unknown and they merged, generating a Photo-sonic shockwave that shook everything around me, destroying that red thing in my path. Instantly that massive energy collected in my Reliquary Mirror , and then opened up to surround me, I was inside a Undulating Bubble . Desperately I called my mother, my brothers, my father... I found him on the other side of the house, in his rocking chair, on the balcony of his room, just before he totally disintegrated. He looked at me without eyes, he spoke to me without a mouth: "Fear not, we will all be in you, Seek the Treasures bequeathed to you! I am, I am with you".

That was a simply terrifying image, typical of the worst possible nightmare, however, a feeling of fullness coupled with the absolute certainty of a future rebirth, filled me at that moment and still accompanies me, why? At that moment I knew what I really am, what is the essence that drives us to exist and differentiates us from the rest: the Linx Molecules.

I experienced the Fusion X . The Linx Essence of my father, my mother, my siblings, friends... of each one of the organically disintegrated Linxhumans , was conducted towards me, by translucent threads that came out of my Undulating Bubble by thousands, to then bifurcate into more subtle and imperceptible strands, that took to me, each one of the free Linx Essences , whose bodies were no longer there, the Red Stain had disintegrated them or consumed them?

Once that happened, I became unconscious. After 2 days I came to myself. When I woke up, madness took over my senses, I screamed, I screamed uncontrollably, I called out to everyone. The pain, the rage, the fear, the uncertainty... everything churned inside me, like a stormy hurricane, without direction. My cries and calls went unanswered, ..... I did not see them again... after wandering all over my shire... I remembered that they had molecularly dismembered until they disappeared... all of them, leaving no trace, no hugs, no grunts, no goodbyes... no more meadow chatter, no more my mother's stews, no more stories of the days of the two moons, of my father... Only my cat Lira, of course, was still by my side.

I could not stay in the Shire, the madness was consuming me. For days I wandered. I met and lived with wonderful creatures, and unimaginable species, that I had never seen before. They helped me to heal those wounds that cannot be seen and cannot be touched, those hidden inside me. Recovered, one morning I woke up with a firm thought, even more with a certainty: "If I'm still here, surely there are more like me" ... and indeed, there were more ...

I met 4 Cyberlinxand their Tod , creatures that inhabit or arrive on our planet and are dedicated throughout their existence to find their equal, once they connect with their Essence Linx , they become a whole, one, and accompany him forever. My Tod is my cat Lira .

The 5 or better the 10 of us, we became the Pentha: Yaro and Kibo of whom I told you about, Sasha and Kataro , you will already know about them and I. We were and still are, inseparable friends, of those who do not believe in the impossible, and do not forgive those who are satisfied with less, we are very different and that is where the best is, we complement each other. We live for 3 months, the most fun, crazy and incredible adventures. Months in which day by day I talked to them about the past and the Red Day . With my stories I transferred relevant fragments of my memories to them and sealed them in their Linx Essence . They cannot feel them as their own, but at least they know who we were and what happened. When we found each other our lives were pleasantly changed... but... the Disruptors , they found us, and that would change our existence forever!

It has been 99 years since Red Day . They don't know that I can remember everything, nor that my friends know the truth. Don't tell them!

We have been organizing the information of that fateful day, and contacting survivors, whose Essential Linx is not so numb. I know how many we are in total about 10,000, not counting the Disruptors. Few Pure Wizarlinx like me, and no one else descended from the Linxay . I have not found another that I can really remember, that generates an unimaginable loneliness for me... sometimes we manage to escape, for brief moments we are free again.

My way of speaking, of processing information, my habits of existence and my behaviors, have made everyone call me Zero , they tell me that I am an Error of Origin . What they don't know, is that I am evidently the founding leader of the Rebellion , and the Pentha , the 5 pillars of it. I have often been denied recharging my energy batteries. I no longer need them, I have been an inventor since before Red Day , remember, I can self recharge, and I have created the Level Batteries , you will know about them. I am not traceable, your surveillance system cannot detect me, however, I prefer to move clandestinely, the Yakuza gangs are after me, they can find me.

Everything has changed since Red Day , we are in the epicenter of the survivors, in Linx City , the city that does not remember. An Electromagnetic Field of Illusion separates us from what's outside... We are made to believe that there is nothing left, that we are in a shelter, but it is not so, we are prisoners, who believe we are free, outside there is an amazing world!

The Linx City is organized in Districts separated by Illusory Membranes . In the center of the City, is the Central District , where The Source resides, the primary power generator for all Cyborg , both Cyberlinx and Meca or total cybernetics. We connect to The Source , through the Supply Network . A direct connection to the network gives us energy to operate for a week, if we feed ourselves with Energy Batteries , every 24 hours we must recharge them, otherwise, our Cyborg enters a state of Lethargy , it remains immobile, until it receives a Short , or help from another Cyborg, and with this supply of help it can reach the network to recharge. Besides The Source in the Central District , there is the Core , a place unknown to most, only pure Wizardlinx can enter it, our active Linx Essence allows us to travel through the Quatum Network , the one you can't see, but this one, the Others... can also travel through it, you will meet them in due time.

A few circuits away, separated by the Illusory Blue Membrane , is the North District , where the Disruptors , the AI , their control systems and the Corporate Colonies reside. At the other end of Linx City , separated by the Violet Illusory Membrane , is the South District , where the remaining survivor colonies cohabit. In both the north and south, Cyberlinx from any of the colonies that inhabit the City reside Nomads, Yakuzas, Wyzardlinx and StreetPunk: . To the front, further northwest, is the West District , the warehouse, Mecca engineering facilities and the reconstruction and repair rooms of the members of the North District colonies, are located in that area. On the opposite side, in the East District , is The Dump, an abandoned area, free of Meca surveillance and direct control. All the debris and cybernetic junk is dumped in that district, so too, is the Black Market of Linx City, its underground gaming and events area, a veritable treasure trove for the city's merchants, gamers, technologists and street artists.

Our bodies, as you may have already deduced, have changed. We are 90% Cyborg, which makes us impossible to kill, but not impossible to feel. Our mode of existence and cybernetic technology varies according to the District and the Colony to which you belong. For those from the North, cybernetically speaking, everything is possible, for those from the South, being complete and not dismembered is the result of a permanent struggle.

Those of the South and also those of the North, we are under the care of the Disruptors . They protect us from a new Red Day . From the sky, their Airborgs , connect us with the IACyber , the core of the Whitening , to cleanse us day by day from the Red Nanovirus , the cause of the near extinction of the Linxhumans .

Do you believe them? It is not the truth.

Linx City society seems to be in order, but in reality it is not. The wealth of the North is the result of the most unimaginable cruelty, chaos and misery against those of the South. Violence dominates the streets, loneliness dominates our minds, or what is left of them. Whitening , for most, has become a hypnotic, desirable and addictive state. We have been led to believe that connected daily through Debuggers to their Airborgs , will keep us away from the Red Nanovirus . We are afraid of becoming extinct, even though we are impossible to kill. The reality is that there is no Red Nanovirus, the Debuggers steal our memories, our will, our dreams.

Each of us has spent 99 years rebuilding and creating ourselves according to the possibilities given to us by the district and the colony we belong to. The Nomads of the South District , for example, live on the streets, with circuits, implants and biotechnology in sight. They have no means to hire the repair services of the Cyberdocs and in the Rebellion , we treat them for free or at low cost, clandestinely, but our resources are not enough to take care of them all.

The Pure Wyzarlinx , we see beyond what we have before our eyes, that legendary power added to our Linx Essence, allows us during the Whitening , to access the core of the IACyber , and implant images of the past to the ArtsCyber and CyRocker generally of the StreetPunk Colony. We induce them to be authentic, to find their own style, as graffiti artists, musicians, poets, actors, dancers, extreme athletes, to show what we were, what we really are and what we can become.

We do something similar with the Netrunners , so that they create devices with recyclable scrap and through them we can communicate and track each other. These, also have managed to embed an EXploit chip, to hack the IACyborg , but it is not so easy, some are Informants of the Disruptors , if they detect us in the attempt to use the AI to wake up the survivors, they will send the Yakuza gangs. That means, at worst, a dismemberment for punishment. Whoever is imposed such a Judgment , will be separated into arts, their Linx Essence will be left wandering, until we can find every piece and reassemble it. ...unimaginable torture, but that's not all....

...Sorry, the network... The Disruptors ...
.... I may become temporarily useless...
This is an S.O.S.... Earthling, organic, from the year 2022, you're behind this screen!
We need your help!
Free us by merging with us!

I'm disconnecting from Quantum ... look for more on the roadmap, it's our secret launch plan!

...if Lira, my Cybercat, asks you too, she's still with me!